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Housing & Healthcare

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The Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) recently released a report looking at the link between affordable housing and health care. While there has been interest surrounding this topic for quite some time, this is one of the first studies to look directly at the impact on health care cost and use when low-income individuals move into affordable housing.

Key findings of the report include: the cost to the health care systems was lower after low-income individuals moved into affordable housing; primary care visits went up after move-in and emergency department visits went down; residents reported improved access to and quality of care after moving into housing; and integrated health services were found to be a key driver of health care outcomes. Read the full report: Health in Housing: Exploring the Intersection Between Housing & Health Care.

MHCF believes that investments in housing can be a powerful way to improve health outcomes and control healthcare spending, and we have issued four grants over the past year to organizations working to build partnerships between the housing and healthcare sectors:

Poverello Center: Medical Respite Shelters for Homeless Patients in Missoula, Montana
NeighborWorks Great Falls: Home Matters – Linking Homes and Health Outcomes
NeighborWorks Montana: Manufactured Housing Rehab and Replacement Collaboration
Human Resource Development Council of District IX, Inc. (HRDC): Assessment of Community Costs of Chronic Homelessness